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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Why "Sow Real"?

About Sow Real Nutrition...     
      The enjoyment of watching food grow, and the raw natural benefits that we receive from intaking real food ignited naming the company "Sow Real Nutrition".  Sow Real Nutrition, LLC goal is to assist the community with adopting a healthier eating habit.
     Our strategy to achieve our goal is conducted through education, consultation, motivation, as well as design and implementing an action plan that will promote success towards the client's health goals.
      We eat to survive. Therefore, nutrition has a high importance in our everyday lives. Understanding which foods can assist with improvements, as well as, those foods that can damage the human  body will allow clients to make better decisions towards their overall health.  

My Story...



Kidney support (Diabetes and hypertension)

Healthy Eating Adoption

Healthy cooking / recipes

Meal Planning

Diet and Detoxification

      I have always had a love for nutrition and the science behind the food we eat. My journey started with being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was scared and confused because I never heard of any such dis-ease (come to find out that it runs in my family). My doctor put me on anti-thyroid pills. I had the worst experience ever with that drug in my body (hair loss, weakness, ringing in my ears, “thyroid attacks”, etc.). After doing my research I discovered the anti-thyroid pill I was taking was also considered a “chemo” pill.
     Outraged and determined not to take anymore, I reached out to my local natural health store for assistance. Long story short, I was able to stabilize my thyroid through natural methods. That incident drove me to continue my research.
      These past years pushed me to expand my research, due to my father's illnesses......diabetes and hypertension. I made a commitment to assist him with improving his health by meal prepping for him weekly. I started reaching out to other individuals in the community and decided to make a profession out of this lifestyle. “I love cooking, and I love educating. Why not pursuit my happiness?”

"And that’s how the fight started!!"
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